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Keratin X Lash Lift Express 5 Min Kit

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The Express Pump Lash Lift Kit by Keratin X fix the bonds of the lashes, to be restructured into a new shape to create the ultimate lift. The gentle and effective gel formulation allows for easy application and control.  All of the lotions are safe and easy to use with immediate treatment results that will last for up to 8 weeks.

What's included in the box ? 
1 x Stronghold Adhesive 5ml 
1 x LIFT Express Lotion 5ml 
1 x FIX Express Lotion 5ml 
1 x LASH BOTOX Lotion 5ml 
1 x Y-Brush Applicator 
1 x C Curl Silicone Shields (Small + Medium + Large) 
1 x L Curl Silicone Shields (Small + Medium + Large) 
1 x U Curl Silicone Shields (Small + Medium + Large)

What is Lash Botox ?
Lash Botox is the healthier and organic way to eliminating the damage used by the chemical in lash lift treatments.
It increase by 24% the diameter of the natural lash.

Natural Ingredients :
- 6 Vitamins : A, B, C, D, F, K.
- 6 Oils : Argan, Jojoba, Macadamia, Avocado , Olive & Almond
- 3 Hydrolyzed Proteins :  Corn , Wheat & Soy

What is C/L/U Curling Shields ?
CLU Curling Shields contain different height and curl of shields in an easy to distinguish colors so that you can give the curl you want whatever ④the natural lash length. 

Why choose Airless Pump Technology ?
When the you pump the bottom disc move up, no air is ever getting introduced to the formula. As you pump , it moves all the way to the top meaning no leftover products, it gets every single drop out.

Exposure Time ? 
Fine Lash: LIFT: 5-7 Mins / FIX: 5-7 Mins / BOTOX: 5-7 Mins
Regular Lash: LIFT: 7-10 Mins / FIX: 7-10 Mins / BOTOX: 7-10 Mins
Thick Lash: LIFT: 7-10 Mins / FIX: 7-10 Mins / BOTOX: 7-10 Mins